Monday, July 6, 2009


Having drenched in the rain completely from Kondapur to PVR, Punjagutta, I was waiting eagerly to watch this movie(not reading the review on Friday was difficult to hold on).
"Seheri" song has some awesome locations and dressing style by Siddarth.
Other songs "Oye" and "Waiting for you" are worth watching for its very good taking.

2nd half dilutes a bit by inserting Sunil's comedy and rest 3 songs are ok.
Shamili looks very much the girl next door. Its interesting to wait and see what kind of roles she chooses further.

Overall its an OK movie(without sunil, I think it might have been good)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My fav cricket dress

There are lots of changes going on in cricket. T20 taking centrestage instead of ODI and Test.
Dresses of teams are also changing fast than previously. I love the Black Caps(Newzealand) complete black attire which shines like stars. Now yesterday when I watched the practice game between NZ and IND for T20 WorldCup, I am disappointed. Now the colour looks so dim with cream and black.

Change is good..but I didnot like it :(

Sunday, May 3, 2009

What a pity :(

Indeed I am very much pissed of with the content of the telugu movies recently.
I have been thinking to write this post for a long long time, but you know.

These days, the telugu movie directors either rip off the movie from other languages or work on cliched stories. Are'nt there better one's? Same old crap !!!

I wanna give a competition to all the directors. Rules
1) No good cameras
2) No foreign locations.
3) No other language DVD/CD's :)

Just without these three and I wanna see people come out with good content rather than stylish look. Forget Billa, Veedokade :)

Come on guyz, you can do it better. As a movie lover, I wanna see better stuff and there are many guyz like me who would love to see new things.

Suirya was promoting Veedokade and he said he would promote only good movies in Telugu. What a pity from an actor of his class to say such a dumb statement for this movie. My fav song "Oyaye Oyaye" completely screwed up :(

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Installed linux at last :)

First non movies post :)

Got really fedup with windows after virus affecting the system each and every time.

At last I installed Fedora-7 today(I know its a bit old) and hopefully use regularly avoiding windows for some time.

Had a problem getting the video output after installing mplayer. But reinstalled with more packages and it worked.

Then the problem with audio. Only 2 speakers work by default. Used "alsamixer" and increased all the visible components to maximum and now i am able to hear from 4 speakers.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Movies 2009 @ Theatre

July 4 - Oye (Telugu) - Ok types of movie with very good songs & picturization in 1st half. 2nd half drags a bit with un-necessary comedy. Shamili looks the girl next door. Have to see what kind of roles she chooses further.
July 2 - Ride
June 26 - Evaraina Epudaina(Telugu) - 90's story with a few jokes here and there. Looked like a B-grade movie. I think its a Wrong selection by Varun Sandesh.
June 25 - Terminator Salvation(English) - First half ok with a few good fights but 2nd half a bit disappointing.
Ride(Telugu) - Simple story with good picturization of songs. Timepass
June 3 - Prayanam(Telugu) - A worth watch for its cool comedy
May 13 - Kick(Telugu) - 10 min comedy after interval and 3 good songs. Rest crap.

Jan 16 - Sasirekha Parinayam(Telugu) (Avg..but decent considering this week's 4 movies i watched in theatre)
Jan 16 - Chandini Chowk to China(Hindi) (Only Askhay's comedy is good..IGNORE otherwise )
Jan 17 - Maska(Telugu) - 2nd half horrible..RAM's energy and dances are gr8
Jan 18 - Fitting Master(Telugu) - Typical revenge movie..thought that it would be comedy..BAD
Jan 23 - Arundathi(Telugu) - A must watch for all telugu movie audiences. Anuskha is good. Sonu Sood is very good. But the standout performance comes from the person who dubbed for Sonu Sood. Dubbing is excellent.
Jan 26 - Raaz2 (Hindi) - Good until the plot is revealed but pretty boring after that.
Feb 5 - Konchem Istam Koncham Kastam(Telugu)... Chaala kastam aindi choodadam...routine story with comedy here and there....some songs just added which werent needed...wasn't expecting this from you Siddarth !!!!!!!
Feb 15 - Konchem Istam Koncham Kastam(Telugu)... Because of Visu, I had to watch it again. Godamn Visu :)
Feb 24 - Delhi 6(Hindi) - Horrible movie. This is the BEST WORST MOVIE I have ever seen. What a pity that Rakesh Mehra has done such a movie after RDB. We(hemanth, siva, me and sudheer) used to call ourselves RDB boyz in Bangalore. Rehman's work is purely wasted.
Apr 4 - Aakasamantha(Telugu) - Not boring..not senti as I thought. Just a smooth film.
Apr 5 - Billa(Telugu) - Anushka all the way. 2 songs good. Forget it if you have watched Don(hindi)
May 3 - Veedokade(Telugu) - Forgettable from Suriya. Movie doesnot move at all.

Movies 2009 @ Home

Jan 10 - Someone Like you(English)
Jan 11 - Serendipity(English)
Jan 11 - The Last Kiss(English)
Jan 16 - Michael Madana Kamaraju(Telugu)
Jan 17 - Love Acutally(English)
Jan 17 - Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi((Hinglish)
Jan 18 - Burn After Reading(English) -- Hmm..Not so gr8 as i thought after hearing the good reviews
Jan 19 - 27 Dresses(English) -- Good Watch..The way I love movies, Jane loved weddings.
Liked the scenes where his first crush (his boss) is taken away from her by her sister.
Jan 20 - Sorry Bhai(Hindi) -- A bit unconventional considering our traditional Indian mentality but good enough to watch eventhough a bit slow. Chitrangda looks gooood.
Jan 22 - Taken(English) - Very quickly paced and nice movie. There is a telugu movie 'Mahanandi' which also is a little bit similar where the father finds his daugther.
Jan 24 - Chandni Bar(Hindi) Slow but a different theme of bar dancers
Jan 24 - The Last King of Scotland(English) - Good. Whitaker is very good in funny and fearsome scenes. A must watch for movie lovers.
Jan 26 - Eastern Promises(Engilsh) - Boring. Non-Violence in high manner.
Jan 31 - Rainbow(Telugu) - Boring. So typical movie with same senti. Colony looks really unreal and heroine looks a bit cosmetic with no lip sync in most of the scenes.
Jan 31 - A Walk to Remember(English) - A movie to remember. Loved it very much.
Jan 31 - Before Sunrise(English) - Very slow movie. All conversations throughout the movie understanding each other. Should have a lot of patience to watch it.
Feb 7 - Three(Telugu)--Regression Therapy is the movie silly..Regretting after watching it.
Feb 7 - Green Card Fever(English) - Skip this, nothing much green about it.
Feb 7 - PS I Love you(English) - Good Love story but a bit long (2 hrs)
Feb 8 - Vicky Cristina Barcelona(English) - Complicated Love(s) stories
Feb 9 - Luck by Chance(Hindi) - Ok types of movie. Love story with film industry backdrop.
Feb 21 - The Curious case of Benjamin Button(English) - Long but ok. Reminds me of Surya S/O Krishnan in Telugu where Surya potrayed different roles with ease
Feb 21 - Maine Gandhi ko Nanin Mara (Hindi) - ??
Mar 17 - The Reader(English) - Good romance and good suspense.
Mar 17 - 13B(Hindi) - Good thriller movie. Go watch it. Liked the supense element. Sometimes the story is revealed on TV and sometimes in the current movie. Good watch.
Mar 27 - Yuvatha(telugu) - better movie with a few good songs
Mar 28 - Drona(telugu) - Priyamani is gooood.. movie not so
Mar 28 - Keka (telugu) - keka movie. savagottadu.
Mar 31 - DevD(Hindi) - Fully hyped boku movie. Very slow and full of songs :(
Apr 02 - Sowryam(Telugu) - Typical telugu masala/senti movie. boku. forget it. When will gopichand and prabhas change :)
May 1 - Revolutinary Road(English) - A bit slow but regular movie of couple dealt with all small things.
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